September 6, 2009

where damage isn't already done


  1. i'm in love with this picture.

  2. så jäkla fint och underbart
    älskar denna bild

  3. i think this is my favorite recent photo by you! so tender, so magical.

    i have received your book in the post, i love it! its such a great experience to be able to hold a book and flip through the pages - enjoy the images.

    also, i was wondering, would it be alright for me to blog about your photography and book on my own blog? i'll link it to you, if so, thanks ! :)

  4. michaela & linnéa: tack!

    jessica & lina: thank you!

    bird_flew: oh, I'm so glad you like my book! and it's totally ok for you to write about it on your blog, thanks a lot :)