September 20, 2016

mornings on medium format

It's been a long time since I shot something on film. The vegetable drawer in my fridge is still packed with 35mm, medium format and polaroid film and I'm thinking it might be a good idea to use it all before they become much too outdated. A project for autumn/winter this year, maybe.

These two frames are however from a recently developed medium format roll, taken by Leo somewhere between the last 6-12 months, and then forgotten.

September 12, 2016

a sporadic monday talk about books

Happy monday! I thought I would share a book recommendation today. I have been a slow reader this year. Between january-march I had a period when I read one book every week, but at some point I just stopped, after making it half-way through Sara Stridsberg's Beckomberga (which I loved and that made it even more strange to just quit).

But, the one I wanted to tell you about is this one. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In short, it tells the story of a relationship between Ifemelu, who emigrates from Nigeria to the U.S, and Obinze, who was supposed to follow her but couldn't make it and ends up somewhere else. Starting this book, I knew nothing more than this, but I quickly realized it would definitely become a favorite. The story wedged itself deep into my heart while going through the pages. If you haven't already - read it.

What have you been reading lately?

September 8, 2016

goodbye summer // moments

September is here and suddenly it feels like we are transitioning into autumn. But I guess it's okay. It's cold when I leave the apartment in the morning but I'm still wearing skirts and dresses and nothing else. In the afternoon it feels like summer again.

This summer has looked a little something like this (through my phone);

Early summer, with those first days of warmer temperatures.

Fake lobster rolls (didn't have any lobster) + lunch view in Copenhagen.

Kullaberg in the beginning of june.

Roadtrip essentials - a pillow and a book (Sara Stridsberg - Beckomberga) + a very No Man's Sky kind of sky.

A house in the forest + pick-your-own-corn (our freezer is full).

On midsummer I met a friendly horse.

My favorite place for fika + ice cream from another place (polka mint & meringue).

In mid-june we sat underneath a tree on Sofiero and saw Ane Brun, José González and Damien Rice perform on that stage.

Strolling through pretty streets with double doors in my city + a lonely breakfast on a rainy day.

As always, killing time in the car by filling up the front-camera-album on my phone.

Drove past a sign that says 'Sorry'. I guess it's summer apologizing for leaving us.

September 4, 2016

to the lighthouse

Exploring Österlen last week, a part of southern Sweden where I haven't been before, at least that I can recall. Gorgeous views, and best of it all - this lighthouse hiding behind a cluster of trees. I imagine some Tove Jansson-esque character living there.

August 31, 2016

a birthday wish for leia & sputnik

My fuzziest family members turned four years old on monday, time goes by so fast! Here's what they've been up to through my phone - trying to steal ice cream (very smoothly), chasing those perfect sunspots in the kitchen every morning, being high on catnip, sleeping on me, being generally interested in plants and well, just being soft and cute. Happy birthday darlings!

If you despite this longer-than-usual-post-with-nothing-but-cats still can't get enough, see this from when they were younger.

August 29, 2016

a slow sunday

How I spent basically all day yesterday - in a pyjamas (well, sort of), on the sofa or by my desk, drinking apple flavoured tea to try and keep a sore throat from getting worse and listening to Ben Howard. No need to get properly dressed when it's raining outside (such a suitable end for this vacation) and all you want to do is stay inside.

While transferring and backing up iphone photos since I figured an empty phone would be a good start for the new season ahead I also realised I need to get a new external hard drive asap. The one I have had since a few years back started making alarming sounds and I'm afraid it's about to give in. It contains 13 years of photos (omg that makes me feel old) and losing everything on it would be so sad. I'll go and get a new one immediately after work today.

This song is nice. I love everything on I forget where we were.

The rest of the night I played No Man's Sky. So far I have named a star system after Tove Jansson and every planet and every species inside it after Moomin-related places and characters. I love this game.

August 28, 2016

last days of summer

This week I have been squeezing out every last drop of summer - on monday reality starts again and I'll be back at work. However, I'd like to thank the universe for this perfect weather, probably the best we've had on the west coast all summer.

A few days ago we ate cookies and played board games all afternoon on a blanket, on my favourite cliff with the best view in Tylösand. I love bringing pillows outside. Managed to read a few pages as well before realising we had to get some dinner.

August 23, 2016

copenhagen on a sunday

Copenhagen is filled with both beautiful architecture and stylish people, and has quite possibly become my new favourite city. I haven't been there since I was a little kid, and while we were there on sunday I loved just walking around looking at everything. We also had smørrebrød and visited the botanical garden where the humidity in the huge greenhouse almost made us faint.

PS. Yes, I like bikes + facades (I'll spare you with only two here :)).

August 20, 2016

gothenburg + a piece of stoneware

On wednesday we walked around what felt like all of Gothenburg. Every summer I've visited a little shop in Haga and bought something from Marimekko, which feels like a somewhat ridiculous little thing to look forward to, but I really do every time.

This year I had my eye on a coffee cup from the Oiva/Sääpäiväkirja collection that Marimekko describes as
"Wind-blown trees, rustling reeds, glowing golden grasses, storm-soaked rocks, and misty archipelago mornings".

August 17, 2016

a moon shaped pool

This is what august is supposed to feel like. Finally.