July 14, 2015

june / through a phone

June was a rainy and cold month, most of the time. I had four weeks off from work, and when the weather allowed it we drove, biked or walked somewhere.
I've also had copious amounts of icecream. This is what it looked like through my phone. Quality might be slightly questionable on some of these.

You can find me on instagram as well - @annettepehrsson

instagram - @annettepehrsson

June 18, 2015

it's deeper than you and me

Spending rainy summer days in bed listening to Beach House.

May 18, 2015

blooming trees & star wars

Sorry for the sporadic updates. A friend of mine sent me a text last week saying she found me in a swedish magazine (FOTO) where my blog was mentioned a few months ago. I used to read this magazine a lot and when I was younger I secretly dreamed about being featured in it. Anyway, I had no idea about this and started feeling a little guilty for not being better at blogging more often. Oh well. I got myself a new laptop recently along with some new scanning software. All I need to do now is calibrate the screen (honestly, the color balance is awful right now - everything looks weird) and get a new version of photoshop, then I will finally have a good work space at home again!

Otherwise, life is running along as usual. Below are two recent images from my phone.
My favorite Star Wars tshirt which I wore during May the 4th (be with you!) and a pink tree in bloom on my way to work.

February 8, 2015

daylight daylight daylight

I'm finally completely healed after the operation I had in november. I haven't been able to lie on my back for more than six months, and frankly it is such a relief to finally be able to sleep like a normal person again and not have to worry about turning over in the wrong way.

Another good thing - the days are getting longer and each day more and more daylight find its way into our apartment.
This was shot with the Fuji x100s and Sputnik was fascinated by the noises the self-timer made.

January 20, 2015

anna-frida & the cliffs, part one

In April last year I brought Anna-Frida to one of my favourite places to shoot some possible covers for her upcoming EP-release.
We shot three rolls of film and this was the last time I used my Zenit-b - when I got the developed film back most of the frames were a little bit
destroyed and not a single frame had that particular zenit-sharpness I'm used to. The images below were shot with a Zeiss Ikoflex on Kodak Portra.

Listen to Anna-Frida's music here.

November 16, 2014

dark dark dark

These november days are basically nothing but dark and grey. Yesterday we had french toast for breakfast and today I'm making an apple pie.

The surgery I had on monday went fine aside from a bad reaction to some painkillers I got when I woke up (which made me vomit for 8 hours, yay).
Since then I have been doing nothing but playing The Last of Us, watching Girls and eating stuff.


November 9, 2014

wrinkled sheets & soft fur

This sunday has consisted mostly of lying in bed. Tomorrow I'm having a minor surgery done, and I can't help being nervous.


November 5, 2014

ten minutes through a new lens

Say hi to my new camera-friend! For the last six months I have been considering getting a new camera, and not an analogue one. Honestly, this sudden yearning for something in the digital area was a little surprising. No matter how much I love and cherish film cameras and the whole process of waiting for a roll to be finished, getting it developed and scan the negatives, you can't deny the quick and at least almost instant pleasure of using a digital camera.

Last wednesday I finally made a decision and placed an order. I didn't want a new DSLR, I wanted something more compact with a fixed lens. I went for the Fuji x100s which I have had my eye on for quite a while. On monday it arrived. So far I'm really impressed with the image quality and the way it handles different lightsources and situations. Though, I haven't had a chance to properly try it out yet since there's absolutely no daylight left when I get home from work now. I did however manage to squeeze in a few quick frames yesterday morning before leaving for work:

The mandatory mirror self-portrait, Leia hanging out underneath the coats in our hallway and watching me putting on my shoes, and a snap of Leia's morning routine - during the night we close the door to our bedroom and the cats stay in the living room while we sleep. Each morning when I open the door Leia quickly runs inside and jumps onto the windowsill to drink from a glass of water Leo always puts there before going to sleep the previous night. I think she really likes to drink from glasses instead of her own bowl.

October 20, 2014

no more sleepless nights, please

Last week was seriously terrible. Didn't sleep well, just rolled around in bed all night long, every night. When it's like this and I sometimes just stare into the dark ceiling above for what at least feels like hours and hours I can't help but think about mum and the fact that she is not here anymore. Sometimes I forget about it all and think to myself 'I have to call her tomorrow and see how she's doing', but then I realise why she wouldn't pick up the phone. I go through everything in my head. That weekend when her condition became worse and the following weeks of just waiting for what we knew would happen, sitting by the side of her bed in my old bedroom during those last days and that night when I knew it all had ended, with a phone call at 2:35 AM. The hurt is still beyond words.

Every morning when I have to get up after not sleeping is filled with anxiety. Thankfully it always passes after I have had breakfast and taken the train to work. But besides working I can't get anything else done. I haven't answered a single email even though I had managed to get a good routine going this last month. I can't even organize the mess on our hat shelf (which I also use for shoes because otherwise Sputnik eats the shoe laces) in the hallway that has been annoying me for months. All I do is play videogames, eat and fall asleep in front of the tv - apparently there's no problem falling asleep there. All I need is real sleep.

Thank you for all the comments on my previous entry, it is so nice reading about you. I still haven't finished reading them all.

Two medium format frames by Leo. Apologies for the smudged makeup and what looks like a dislocated shoulder.

October 7, 2014

something about ...

Since I haven't been using this space for the last year or so, except during the last month, I am so happy (and surprised!) that the amount of followers have increased even though there hasn't been much activity on my part. And, since there are so many new of you here now I thought I would just introduce myself really quick:

Hi! I'm Annette. As I'm writing this is I am twenty-five years old.

I live here, in a city on the southern west coast of Sweden. My apartment is located somewhere to the left (or outside the frame) in this photo.

I like this guy a lot. His name is Leo. He wears blue shirts and has a beard I like to run my fingers through.

I'm very fond of these two as well. Leia & Sputnik. They have been living with us for almost two years.

Monday to friday for the last three+ years I have been working as a web editor and photographer for an online store in Sweden, Minfot.se. We sell insoles that make your shoes more comfortable, cosy slippers and other stuff. And honestly, I couldn't ask for a better job.

When the weather allows it, I like to go on really long bike rides. This rusty old thing that I love dearly was a christmas gift from Leo's parents.

When I'm not working I often bake cookies. Or pies, as above. And then I eat it all.

Another thing I really like is breakfast. Mostly during the weekend when there's no rush, preferably combined with music. On weekdays I usually only have about five-ten minutes to eat breakfast (I never learn how to wake up early enough) in front of the news on tv. This morning I had soy yoghurt topped with banana, kiwi, mulberries and crisp bread with cream cheese. I almost had time to eat it all.

Besides this blog I have a portfolio that I haven't updated in forever, a print shop, an instagram account and a facebook profile.
Emails can be sent to info[at]annettepehrsson.se. I usually answer emails on saturdays and sundays.

In my previous post I asked you to tell me about your favorite blogs, and to reciprocate I will do the same.
A few that I really like and happily read everytime there's a new post is hejregina by Agnes, niotillfem by Sandra, vardagsbrus by Frida and the road is home by Nirrimi.

I would be so happy if some of you would like to tell me something about yourself, where you are from, what you do etc., or guide me to your own blog/instagram/whatever.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.