June 13, 2018



  1. I absolutely love this picture!

  2. I was wondering when you use your camera if there are any settings you use ( lens adjusting ,etc.)?
    I love the effect and mood of your photos. Oh, and if you can recommend any music or books I would love that. I usually like the music and books, or other things you mention. By the way really recommend beach house 7 album( I believe that's the title)😃😃😏

    1. I generally like to use the widest aperture possible (my fuji x100s has f/2.0) no matter what situation as I think it captures the light better compared to using a smaller f-opening. Lately I have also been working much more with underexposing than I used to, somehow gives a little more "moody depth", or at least I'd like to think that :)

      I haven't had the chance to read much lately, but music on the other hand! For the past week or so I have been listening almost non stop to Okay Kaya, the album called "Both". Calm but still with a hint of attitude. I also have a playlist on Spotify (if you use that) where I keep all my recent favorites: https://open.spotify.com/user/iskall747/playlist/3iNcKIdKuOMz4iDrs11S44?si=HnHpvfwaQWSIgdJNk6vnBw

      Love Beach House's new album as well :)

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