March 13, 2011

by you

From Leo's latest medium format roll. It's been so long since I shot anything on medium format that I loaded my twin lens camera with some slide film a few days ago and went for a walk through the forest. Shooting medium format is such a different feeling compared to 35mm, I have no idea why I don't do it more often.


  1. stunning annette! you and leo are so talented.

  2. i don't own a "real" medium format camera (i own the toy Holga) and crave one.

    these photos are haunting and beautiful.

  3. You and Leo are the most talented and fabulous duo!
    These photos are stunning!

  4. hej! pizzan var väldigt smarrig :) vilka vackra porträtt!

  5. vilken fin blogg du har!
    denhär ska följas!

  6. so gentle and beautiful

  7. amazing photos again!

    check out my photoblog.
    i would like it if you could gimme some feedback about my photos

  8. your eyes are beautiful.

    take your medium format out more! I'm in full support of that! Its by far my favorite format so I'm a little biased.

  9. So serene. I wish I knew as much about photography as you do. I really admire you. Lovely lovely work.

  10. these are just so beautiful.
    i really like the cardi your wearing in the last one too (-:

  11. beautiful shots. Raw talent!

  12. This is the first time I've ever stumbled across your blog…….I'm very glad I found it! These photographs are stunning. Plus I always get very excited when I come across another film shooter!

  13. fantastic, enchanté :)

    but, annette, i would like to see your smile in a photo,please, oui?


  14. så vackra, som alltid:)

  15. Oh the last one is really cute.
    your photos are amazing.
    i follow you since a long time.
    You're one of my favorites photographers.

  16. thanks everyone, both from leo and myself :)

    kitchu: I have a holga as well, but real medium format is much more fun :)

    anonymous/marie: haha, this not smiling-thing sometimes seems to be a serious issue for some people. but I think that a smile should be spontaneous, and it is a moment that should be captured just when it happens - otherwise I think smiling in front of a camera looks very forced and posed, and sometimes even fake. shooting medium format is not spontaneous at all, when Leo takes pictures of me I usually sit in front of the camera for quite some time before he is ready to actually take the picture, and if I were to smile then it would feel very wrong and forced. however, there are some smiling photos of me, one that I can think of at this moment is this one: :)

  17. dear annette,

    thank you for the request, you are totally right. actually, i think that i just wanted to know a little about it.

    i love your work, it's for me like enter in a different world, beautiful, magical, really amazing, it's poetry.. some photos remind me a pre-raphaelite line, so so special :)

    keep going, you and leo!

    thank you for the photo with the smile, i appreciated that, so i leave here a music for both of you:



  18. sorry, it's not request.. it's answer, "thank you for your answer" :)