January 30, 2011

sunday morning


  1. Really beautiful!
    I love everything about it. :)

  2. tack/thanks :)

    hela.dagen: ja, en av våra kattungar bestämde sig för att hoppa upp på mig igår. har fler märken på högerarmen och kinden, haha.

  3. What a wonderful capture. Its amazing you kept the serenity of a Sunday morning.

    Wonderful as always.

  4. why are most of your pictures of your bony neck?

  5. i love your photos!! amazing<3


  6. it`s so lovely!
    u`re really talented photographer
    i love it!

  7. thanks guys, you're so sweet!

    anonymous: that's a bit of an exaggeration? I guess I like necks, to me this part of the body is the most beautiful.

  8. Are those scratches gifts from the cat on the floor?

    There is something beautiful about them (I have a curious fascination with scratches & paper cuts & pinpricks), almost poetic. & I love how faint they are, that they could possibly disappear if I blink.

    The lighting is beautiful. Definitely looks & feels like morning. Winter, too!

    I am so happy you are taking photographs again; I have missed your work, your voice.

  9. beautiful light. your cats are all very photogenic. in every image the seem perfectly posed. :)

  10. Beautiful photo, cat and the patterns!!

  11. wow your photos never cease to amaze me..

  12. rebecka: tack fina du!

    bianca: they were not made by her, one of our other kittens wanted to sit on my shoulder a few days ago, so he jumped at me from a table - but he sort of missed and fell down and on the way down he scratched me on the neck, upper right arm, cheek and ear. haha :)
    and I agree, scratches on skin are absolutely beautiful.
    I'm so glad I have the time to shoot again, I've missed it so much. thank you! and I noticed you have a tumblr now, it looks beautiful! I'll be following you.

    erica: cats are perfect models, at least if they can be still :)

    thanks everyone!

  13. I'm so infatuated with your work its ridiculous.
    Much love from London

  14. Åh vilken fin bild, fantastiskt ljus som vanligt och perfekt komposition- du upphör aldrig att inspirera!
    Kram Nina

  15. zayna: thank you so much!

    nina: åh, tusen tack!

  16. So glad to see new photos. Is this digital? and I loved the story about scratches :)sounds painful but then cute. :3

  17. roadluna: I'm hoping I can be more active again from now on :) and yes, this is digital. hihi, thankfully it wasn't too painful though - it "burned" for a while, especially on my cheek were it bled the most.