January 29, 2011


Fanni and myself, by Leo.


  1. Oh,I love that beautiful natural light in the second shot, and how it just softly touches you and Fanni's features. Great work Leo!

  2. wonderful, these deep blue tones in the first picture are really outstanding.
    may I ask what Leo took these with?

  3. hello annette :) hope everything is good with you.
    i was wondering how did you do that round little photographs on your sidebar...can you help me please, by leaving me an answer in your comments box?
    a good day to you :)

  4. maria: he used a zeiss ikoflex and kodak portra 400nc-film!

    anonymous: absolutely! it's very easy once you know how to do it.

    1. open the photo you want to use in photoshop.
    2. choose the circular marking tool in your toolbar.
    3. hold down SHIFT and drag out a circle that covers the part of the photograph you want to have in your finished circle.
    4. reverse the mark (so that the parts outside the circle will be marked instead) and press delete.

    finished! this is how I do it at least, there's probably other ways as well. let me know if I didn't explain it well enough and I'll try to be more clear :)

  5. the problem is that I don't have photoshop, annette :(
    but thank you, anyways.
    glad you could help me.

  6. anonymous: do you have some other editing software? if so, I'm sure you can do something similar :)

  7. The light in the last photo is just beautiful!