December 15, 2010

polaroid 216 & 217

Polaroids from this morning.


  1. so nice (:
    exactly, how many cats you have?

  2. Very nice works. I have just started to shoot on film for the first time, and i can say that i'm in love with it. I have just developed my first film and i am so excited with it. I really like your works!!!

  3. You always have such nice light in all of your images. Did your boyfriend know you took that photo of him? He looks like he's fast asleep. :)

  4. I love the kitty, so adorable! what is his/her name?

  5. your tones are always so delicate and soft. beautiful pictures :)

  6. I think these are very personal. kind of family portraits. not to be famous, not to be glamorous. just to know that everything's in it's right place.

  7. these inspired me to get some more film.

  8. Mitošinkovie: we have quite a few actually, though some of them are basically wild cats that we feed every day :) this one is not one of the wild ones though, she is our oldest cat (at the moment).

    lost: shooting film is a thrilling experience :)

    erica: he knew that I was taking a photo of him :) he was pretty tired though.

    claire: her name is fanni! which might sound a little odd in other languages besides swedish, haha.

    maria, barbara & dana: thanks guys!

    tiffany: oh, I'm glad!

  9. so it is nice from you. and cats are really great pets (:

  10. I love these. They're so simple and delicate (: You have so much talent.

  11. hey you!
    I saw a photo on the cover of a book in Chapters here in Canada.
    As soon as I saw it i was like hey!!!!!
    That's Annette! I've been following her work for years!

    Super excited to see it here in Canada