December 16, 2010

dousée magazine, number two

I received a gift card from a few weeks ago, and decided to buy myself the second issue of Dousée magazine, in which I have a four-page spread amongst a lot of talented artists. It's really a beautiful publication, you can get a copy here!

Leo went to Poland for the weekend and I thought I could use this time alone to do useful things like cleaning out my bedroom, making cookies for christmas, wrapping the last gifts, answering emails and finishing the fifth question of my psychology examination. This morning, about an hour after Leo left I started feeling sick, threw up twice, and now I feel like complete shit. I doubt I will have the strength to do any of these things, so I'll probably just lay in bed watching movies until this thing, whatever it is, goes away. Any advice on good movies or tv series that I could get my hands on?


  1. Great feature Annette. I am sorry you feel unwell, though. Take care of yourself this weekend!

  2. What doing Leo in Poland :) ? It's my country.

  3. (Pi) eller C'est pas moi je le jure eller The Dreamers eller Requiem for a dream eller Lost in translation eller Everything's illuminated eller Into the wild..

    Hoppas du blir bättre mycket mycket snart.

  4. I don't know what you like watching, but Ive recently seen 'Let the right one in', a Swedish romance-thriller, and I love it!
    Get well soon. ;)

  5. congrats on the magazine spread - hope you're feeling better soon, Annette :) have you seen the film 'i am love'? it was good. happy holidays to you & Leo :)

  6. I hope you feel better! And congrats on the magazine. :)
    As for movies, do you like Bernardo Bertolucci? I adore him for his movie The Dreamers and especially for Stealing Beauty. In both the cinematography is just amazing.


    these are my favourite movies. the first one is very hard to find online, the second is supported by sigur ros music in the end. both are very deppressing, so maybe a great animated comedy 'The twelve tasks of Asterix' will cheer you up :)

  8. that mag is beautiful.hope u feel better soon

  9. Lovely photos, i may need to pick up that issue.
    The show Party Down always makes me smile x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  10. leo in poland? nice to hear! is it a trip or he arrived to the family?

    /polish girl

  11. photodiarist: thank you! I'm starting to feel a little bit better now, I hope a good night's sleep will take the remainder away.

    sun: tror att jag ska plocka fram into the wild, det känns fint. tack!

    anonymous: I like all sorts of things :) not too fond of swedish movies though, but 'let the right one in' is one that I'm prepared to make an exception for at least.

    suffragette: thank you! I haven't seen that one, but I've heard good things about it. I'll definitely look it up :)

    erica: thanks! the dreamers is one of my favorite movies actually :) I'll look up stealing beauty, I don't think I've heard of it before!

    dana: they both seem lovely, thank you!

    joanna & anonymous: he's taking a trip with his family :) but I talked to him not long ago, and the ferry they were supposed to take earlier today has been delayed until tomorrow morning, so they might stay home instead.

  12. annette, i am sorry to hear you are feeling ill. a lot of that going around, it seems. i hope whatever ails you finds its way out and in the middle of nowhere, far far from everyone. dousée is a beautiful magazine. congratulations!

  13. Hey Annette,

    See If you can get hold of this movie "Fish Story". It was the most hilarious movie I had watched this year. its Japanese but I love it.


  14. Oh, I forgot to mention movies. I recently I acquired a collection of Marx Brothers films and have been watching them obsessively. My favorites include Duck Soup and A night at the Opera.

  15. watch 'once' with glen hansard and marketa irglova.

  16. im sure that i've told this to you before, but i didn't find my comment anywhere. so here it comes; i love your photos ♥ amazing feeling in these and I love pictures by taking with film.

  17. Oh no!
    You should watch the series Mad Men and the movie Pirate Radio... And the one show that proves time and time again to cheer me and my roomate up is the BBC mini series Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy = Love...

    Feel Better!

    <3 Sarah