November 3, 2010

the walk

Two more from the latest roll.


  1. wow, you live in such an amazing country. Every one of your photos make Sweden look beautiful.
    Oh and your shoes are adorable! Are they vintage?

  2. Have you heard The Aislers Set? They have a great song called "The Walk". I think you'd like them.

  3. I love the mood in the first one. The loction is so magical :)

  4. I think you didn't see this message, so i try again here...

    Annette...your work is totally amazing, I love all that you and Leo do, really breathtaking.
    I recently received one Zenit B as a gift and I wanna know if you could help me a little...
    It's my first time with a totally manual camera and I want to know how's
    working...First about the ASA setting.. This camera doesn't need to set the ASA?..Because I only see this reminder on the left side. The other thing is
    how's working the lens in this camera...This Zenit came with a pentacon 30, and it has a
    little button on the bar to set M / A...Do you know what is that?...When I set the diaphragm is normal to get dark with the increase of f's? I realized that you
    have a similar lens so hope you could help me a little.
    Congrats again about your work, you people are an awesome inspiration to me.
    Thank you!

  5. oh your shoes are wonderful!

  6. it's amazing how similar is sweden to the czech republic, I mean the nature. the main difference is we don't have benches in our woods :)

  7. I like the lighting in these. Your photos are so emotional!

  8. ohh how I adore your shoes+pictures+colors+everything in between.

  9. erica: thank you so much! I bought the shoes on ebay, but the seller had a lot (and in different colours), so I doubt that they are really vintage. I love them though :)

    erik: my boyfriend looked them up today after reading your comment, and we both really liked it. we'll probably end up buying some of their records, so thank you :)

    andré: sorry about that! I remember reading your comment but I must have missed it when I was about to answer. anyway, thank you! you don't need to set the ASA in the zenit since it's completely manual, just remember what speed you put in the camera so that you won't get the exposure wrong :)
    I have a pentacon 29, I haven't used it in a while though, but I think mine was set on M. I doubt it makes a difference if you put it on A though, that setting is probably needed only for non-manual cameras that uses automatic exposure or something like that. I have two lenses (the pentacon and a helios 44-2) and the diaphragm does get darker as you increase the aperture on both of them, so I would say that that's normal :) let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer (and hopefully I won't miss your comment) :) thank you so much!

    dana: technically I guess this isn't a forest, it's a running track located in the woods, so I suppose the benches are there so people can take a rest :)

    thanks everyone!