June 15, 2010

zenit-b, volume twenty-nine

First and last was taken by Leo.


  1. ahh! I have a same polaroid camera. :) it is the best one! a little Egyptian girl who lives above me was playing with this camera and she banged it really hard on stairs. x( I'm worried about it and trying to get a new one but nowadays they are really expensive and hard to get. :(

  2. Helt underbara bilder som vanligt!
    Jag älskar den på brevlådorna. Hade gärna sett den på min vägg (så snygg är den).

  3. Wonderful snaps, the sunlight in the first one is beautiful!


  4. all are so beautiful! i love the first one most :) you're both talented photographers :)

  5. You & Leo make such beautiful art together, I can write a story about it. All of these photographs are wonderful.

    # 1

    The sunlight (looks like early morning) is so soft & ethereal; I love how it is reflected in your bangs & eyelashes, how it dances on your coat.

    # 2

    The contrast of your skin against the clover is striking. I would really love to see a collection of these (the night shot of you sitting on the grass in white tights would make a lovely addition). depth-of-field is fantastic, too!

    # 3

    Where is this field? It looks like a dream, something in a storybook.

    # 4

    I like mailboxes, too. Where I am currently living, mailboxes sit in a row on the side of the road & I have always wanted to photograph them.

    # 5

    Old cars (new or more contemporary models are way too trendy & ordinary to me) add such character to photographs. I look at this & imagine both driver & passenger stopping just to walk in the woods.

    # 6

    I love how the land seems to be unrolling like a carpet as you walk.

    Sorry my response is so long, I am really drawn to these photographs.

  6. O my goodness, those are gorgeous photographs. I love the last two most of all, there is something nostalgic about them...
    I shall follow your blog, it is quite lovely...

  7. I adore the photo of the clover, I never see this sort of bokeh in the background of a subject, there's something artisticly beautiful about it.

  8. i love the feeling i get when i look at the fourth one... the picture itself is simple, but it leaves you with a feeling of wonder.


  9. Ja gillar den med klövern. Gräset i bakgrunden ser ut som från en målning. Och den sista av Leo är också jättefin.

  10. The first two are seriously amazing :)

  11. oh, i really love all of them. wonderful work! xx

  12. I love this post and I love your book. I've linked you on my blog, I hope it's okay. If not, please say so I'll remove the post asap.
    Cheers, Jenny

  13. thanks for all your comments, people!

    roadluna: that's too bad, do you know if it works as it should? I hope you can find a new one nevertheless! and yes, they are really expensive these days :/

    gholen: tackar! om du någon gång verkligen skulle vilja ha den på väggen i valfri storlek så släng iväg ett mail till mig :)

    bianca: no need to apologise, I love reading your long comments! the sunlight in the first one is during sunset, but I do think it looks a little like morning as well. the yellow field in the third is a place about fifteen minutes from my house. I've never had a chance to photograph it before, I'm always too late and come after they've already harvested it. a little luckier this time :) the sixth is probably my favorite of the bunch, I love how the grass has a slightly different tone on each side of me.

    jennifer: thank you so much! and I do not mind at all, thanks for mentioning me :)

  14. The second photo I absolutely adore. A favorite for sure!

  15. ohh, the mix of photos in this post are wonderful!

  16. Beautiful! What camera are you using?

  17. tack linn!

    rhart: thank you! I use a zenit-b, a regular 35mm slr :)

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