June 21, 2010

this time around

Zeiss ikoflex + slide film.


  1. det här är vackert.

  2. Åh, vad fint! Du ser lite förstörd ut, gillar det.

  3. vackert, fina färger och fint ljus!

  4. tack hörni!

    fredrik: visst gör jag, haha. det var nog en väldigt varm och tröttsam dag, har jag för mig.

    mia: jag blir lika förundrad över skärpedjupet som zeissen producerar varje gång, trodde verkligen inte att det skulle se ut såhär :)

  5. wow, the focus on the cat is really well done. This is beautiful.

  6. wonderful portrait :) :)
    by the way what's your cat's name? if it's not a secret

  7. The depth of field is amazing. I don't think I can get this sort of focus with my twin lens, you must have a very large aperture. Your photos are so interesting!

  8. kristina: aw, tack :)

    eilwen: I'll have to give credit to Leo for setting the focus :)

    maria: thank you! she doesn't really have a name, for some reason we've just ended up calling her all sorts of different things. we've had so many cats over the years that our imagination for coming up with names for them aren't very good anymore. if that makes any sense, haha.

    sundari: the largest aperture on this camera is 3.5, so it's not that large. but zeiss makes really good lenses, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it :) I never get this depth of field on my other twin lens.

    thanks kim! I lovelovelove your blog by the way!