May 15, 2010

avocado + white curtains

Two more polaroids from yesterday. Second one by Leo. Also, I was interviewed for the May issue of Ozon Magazine, and you can browse through it along with previous issues here!


  1. 1) This is probably going to sound silly to you, but I find avocados sexy. I cannot stand the taste of them--not even a little--but their shape is gorgeous. Weird, I know.

    2) Leo has such a good eye, especially when it comes to portraits. A beautiful silhouette! The lighting is soft & ethereal. & I love the pose.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. vakkert vakkert vakkert! :D
    eg elskar avokado! :)

  3. I read your interview in Ozon Magazine and really liked it, just as I like all your work!

    Kate x

  4. bianca: not silly at all, I love the way they look, and I really can't stand eating them either (taste is fine though, it's more the "buttery" texture I find hard to like) :)

    I'm sure that will make Leo happy! :)

    tack kristina!

    thanks a bunch, kate!

  5. Oh! I really love the colours and the depth of focus of the avocado photo! And there is something interesting about the pairing, I love it!

  6. aerussell: polaroid + avocado = true! :)