May 9, 2009


Två gamla polaroider. Har aldrig riktigt gillat den första då jag ser väldigt fyrkantig ut i den där klänningen.


  1. you are such a beautiful inspire me a great deal.

  2. the first one have to be the cover of an lp, seriously, it's just awesome.

    By the way, I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago, let me know! : )

  3. shaana: oh, thank you so much :)

    vincent: thanks a lot! I think my back looks a bit square in that dress though.

    were you the one who sent me the interview? sorry for taking so long, I'll answer the questions as soon as I can :)

  4. i discovered your blog today. and am i glad!!! i love your every single work. the light and simplicity is amazing