January 20, 2015

anna-frida & the cliffs, part one

In April last year I brought Anna-Frida to one of my favourite places to shoot some possible covers for her upcoming EP-release.
We shot three rolls of film and this was the last time I used my Zenit-b - when I got the developed film back most of the frames were a little bit
destroyed and not a single frame had that particular zenit-sharpness I'm used to. The images below were shot with a Zeiss Ikoflex on Kodak Portra.

Listen to Anna-Frida's music here.


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    1. Are you commenting on blogs 24/7, "Avy"? Is that you actual job? How sad...

  2. they are absolutely gorgeous,

  3. It's so frustrating when photos don't turn out how you want. But I definitely love the first image best.


    1. It really is. I was so bummed when I got the film back. Thankfully I only shot one roll with the zenit and two with another one (which these three came from). Thank you!

  4. These are beautiful. :)

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  6. Gorgeous tones! So glad to see you post again :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. I love her expression in the 2nd one!

  8. really lovely photos and stunning location.

    Rae | love from berlin

  9. The first photo is beautiful and incredibly captivating!

  10. these are so beautiful ♥

  11. Gorgeous photos. I only recently found your blog but I'm addicted. <3 Keep making amazing photos!


  12. Åh, blir alltid så glad när du uppdaterar! Helt otroligt fint, som vanligt.

  13. Anna's music is incredible - so are your photos of her.

  14. Oh, God! I discovered your blog yesterday and it is awesome! I'm reading, like, all your posts! Your pictures are SO great, I wonder if you would give us some tips in this area (I'm a blogger too, I have a DSLR, but I still have much to learn). Your work is beautiful, you are very talented and you're in my feed now. <3

  15. such a shame when that happens! especially when you know the photos would have been stunning. like everyone else, i love the first photo!

  16. Är det hovs hallar? En av mina favoritplatser...

    Underbara bilder, de som blev!

  17. I really love the second and the first picture!

  18. Sad to hear that your Zenit doesn't work anymore. Loved the photos you took with it!
    And I really love mine so I know how great this cameras can be!

  19. I can understand you 100%, the same thing happened to me when I was by the sea and shot 2 series with a mamiya. I was so excited to see the result, and therefore so sad that the pictures turned black that I almost cried. But you managed to make anyway some really pretty pictures. I can feel the sea atmosphere in them, and the calmness it procures when you're in front of it. Great job :)

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    1. Yess! I agree! ^^
      xxx erin

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  22. Fina bilder. Var är detta någonstans?