February 19, 2011


Crappy instax'es from an hour ago. Middle one by Leo. Using this camera will be so much more fun when spring/summer arrives.


  1. veldig vakre bilder som alltid:)

  2. You look lovely and cosy :) I love seeing images of European winter, it seems so magical!

  3. I have same fujica instax wide butyour pics are beyond awesome
    check my blog too

    and btw how your progress in psychology?

  4. I know how you feel... I got the instax back for my Diana and I feel like every shot is "meh" because it's winter and I live in the cloudiest city in the country. Usually I love shooting on cloudy days, but the instax doesn't seem to share the sentiment.

    Can't wait for spring when there's some actual SUNSHINE to capture! :)

  5. joanna: thank you!

    brassinpocket: tacktack :)

    1000 cats: aw, thanks :) I love the winter here, at least when the snow is new.. now I just wish everything would melt away.

    bagus: thanks! I really like yours as well, and you have a very nice blog. I'll be stopping by :) I finished the psychology course about a month ago, and I passed! I think I might continue studying it later.

    kim: I feel like that too, everything is just "meh". I don't think I've had an instax that I've felt satisfied with since august or something. the instax really works so much better in the summer :)

  6. seriously, I have never seen anyone producing this incredibly beautiful instax like you two. Both of you make it much more fascinating and probably the result from you will persuade people, like me, to buy this camera :)

  7. I couldn't agree more, instax' turn out so much better in summer, not even mentioning indoor shots.
    Still love them though.

    You're blog is currently my favorite.
    Much love,

  8. Beautiful images. I was wondering what lightning do you use on your instax? I switched mine to "Lighter" but something looks weird.. hope to hear from you!

  9. maureen: I mostly use the normal or darker settings. I haven't really had any good results with the lighter setting either, for some reason it just overexposes the photos in the wrong way - and somehow it makes the photos look blurry.

  10. hi! what kind of scanner do you use to scan all your instax pics?
    i just take a picture of mine -- but its not as sharp

    - hana-

  11. anonymous: I use an epson perfection 3200, works like a charm! :)

  12. annette, I'm curious. :)

    I have the instax but I can't seem to turn off the flash. how do you stop yours? I notice that your photos didn't appear like your flash fired in them. :)

    Thanks so much. :)

  13. margarette: there is a button on the side of the camera with a little flash icon, press that and it should turn it off :)