November 28, 2010

hello, you?

Lately, the number of followers here have been increasing like never before, and it makes me so happy! But I barely know anything about you. Tell me something about yourself, if you want to, or send me a link to your own blog, website, flickr or anything else.

And a while ago there was a girl who asked to know more about me, and she wondered if I couldn't write an entry about myself, which I still haven't done since I can't really think of something to write. So, if there is anything at all that you're wondering or are curious about, ask me! It doesn't necessarily have to be about photography - you could ask what the colour of my toothbrush is, or anything at all. I will put together an entry soon if there's enough questions. Now I have to get back to studying!


  1. i love your photos very muchhh, but you seldom smile in the pictures. anyway, i just can't stop adding your photos in my fav. :D

  2. Maybe you've written about your studies before but I wonder what it is that you're styding?

    I'm 16 years old, sort of live a good life in stockholm, love london (or simply love cities perhaps), autum is my favorite time of year, and spring. summer is also nice though but I love the coulos in autum and the hopeful feeling of spring. winter is mostly boring and cold but somehow beatiful aswell. enough about that. I love your photos, I find them very sad but they touch me in some way.

    Write something about when you started taking pictures? and I don't know, anything about your life!

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  5. I look at your photos and I feel a feeling I can't describe...
    It would be so great if you could have a look at my blog or my flickr.:)
    you are wonderful!



  6. I love the smell of warm tea, lilac and my boy´s skin (cliche, I know). I wish I could be an artist and I wosh to study arts and photography when I finish high school. I hate people around me and I also hate myself. It so easy to write about myself somewhere where people have no idea who I am. I prefer to be alone with a good book and coffee. I smoke and I don´t want to quit. I like to travel to different cities and go to exhibitions there. I have cold hands and feets right now and I love my warm blankets. Propably what I am writing here is stupid, but isn´t everything after all?
    I used to write a lot and I used to be read. But these days are gone. I regret that. I played the piano for six years and I stopped, I wish I never did. I want to start again, very soon. I play guitar but not very much lately and I will probably exchange that for the piano.
    Do you yourself write? Poems or stories? Or just a diary for yourself?
    Do you feel lonely sometimes?
    hugs, as if you ever need them, they are here for you..

  7. Hejhejhej! Jag har hängt med dig sedan jag hittade dig på bilddagboken för en massa år sedan! Jag tycker verkligen om din blogg.

  8. what are your favorite books and/or authors? or are there any books you've read recently that you'd like to recommend?

    what about music? lately i've been listening to the same stuff over and over and it would be lovely to know about different bands:)

    as for myself i live in spain, i'm 22 and i love taking pictures and art in general, playing guitar, drawing, etc. i study english & american literature and love mail! that is all.

    here is my website

    my blog about london

    and my brother's cooking blog (half of the entries are translated into english now!)

  9. Aaaaaw thank you for being interested in your follower ;) this is soo cute!
    I'm a little self taught photographer, I don't have time to keep my camera and taking pictures, because I attend cultural anthropology at the university. I know this is not my I guess I will try with the photography next year, when my study will be at the end. I'd love to shoot musician (not at the concert, only shootings).

    My question to you: how did you learned to take pictures? did you went to a school? if yes what kind of school (art school, technical school, or other stuff)?

    Thank you again!

    take care

    ps me

  10. What do you do in life? Do you study or are you working yet?

    I'm a 21 year old from Belgium, I study architecture but my real passion is photography. ately I've found a way to combine those two loves by contributing as a photographer to a new architecture magazine called Unité, by and for students.
    You can find me on my blog ( and on flickr (

  11. Hej hej! You are one of my inspiration sources.. du är sååå bra! Kram! :)

  12. In your photos I sense simplicity, minimalism and cherishing the ordinary as something extraordinary. That is what attracts me to your photos.

    I have a long way to go with my photography, it's just a hobby so far, but you can see some of it and my writing on my blog here:

  13. I love your photos, I think they're so expressive.

    If you understand any German, I would be happy to have you as a follower of my blog
    I also have a tumblr which is in English (

    I hope you won't stop blogging too soon,
    best wishes Heng

  14. What inspires you? Like music, films, books, images, people, weather, feelings, strangers, objects, etc.

    What is your favourite thing to do when you have nothing better to be doing?

    Who do you love?

    What is it within you that comes through in your photographs making them seem so sad (but in a beautiful way of course)? I think your photographs are like the photographic version of Morrisey's songs.

    I think it is very sweet that you have asked about your followers.

    I am 17 (18 next week aha) and I live in Bristol, UK. I currently study History, Sociology, Psychology and Maths and last year I also did Art. Next year I will be studying History at uni (hopefully in Liverpool). I watch a film most days and I do not sleep very much. I like Marmite toast without the crusts and I also like Jack. I take a lot of photographs because I am scared of becoming old and if I have images of my youth then I think that will help me to remember it. I do not read that much but I do love Shakespeare. I also go to a lot of gigs and I wish I could dance better. My blog is x

  15. hello!
    i'm really interesting in the one question about photography.
    what moment is the most mystical
    in the whole process?
    i always thought it's the second when you're shooting or when the picture is emerging on a paper
    denis, russia

  16. Annette,

    I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They fascinate me and sometimes i post about you and your photos in my blog. I photograph too and most of the time just digital. But i love the analog Touch. Please! DON'T EVER STOP, okay? :D

    I'm a 19 year (young) girl from Hungary/Germany. Passion:Photography. I LOVE COFFEE, green Tea is also great. And Sandmännchentea! Do you know the Sandmännchen? Probably not, its a German series for Kids.

    I like Autumn, good Books. I Love Japan, England.

    Anyway, where can i get your book? :D
    MY BLOG:

    Don't wonder,i stole the idea with the circles :P

    Júdith Lu

  17. "hello, stranger" .) ...
    cheers from Czech Republic, where I live, takes pictures by analog cameras and study czech language :)!

    my blog is here:

    and my gallery:

    I'll be really glad, if U visit me there .)!

    P.S. Lets read those lovely Murakami's books, which U recieved from your lovely boyfriend .D! I'm really interesting, how you'll like it, because Murakami is the literature god!

  18. Hello Annette.

    I've been following your blog for sometime now but don't think I've commented before. Your photos are very beautiful and enchanting - so intense and captivating somehow. They have a quiet mood that speaks very loud at the same time. It'd be interesting to know how you work - how do you get an idea for a picture, and do you take a lot of photos before you are satisfied with the result?

    I work on pictures as well, but mainly in drawing. I only got into photography a couple of years ago and am just a beginner at it all still.

  19. Hello,
    my blog is - but it´s written in slovak, so I doubt you would understand.
    I study biology.
    I love your pictures. They remind me of parts of myself I still don´t know.
    I am interested, where do you live and what do you study? How did you meet Leo?

  20. my elephant wants to ask you something: what is your favourite cake?

    (big smile for you)

  21. i like the sadness in your pictures. the hidden. your blog caught my attention only some days ago, but i went back to older posts, just because. take a look at my pictures (the collection), they might tell you more than i could.

  22. Hi! I'm 19 year old student from Finland.
    I found your flickr last year (or earlier, I'm not sure..) and I fell in love with your photographs right away. I started studying photography in a boarding school (I'm not sure is that a right word to it..) this autumn, but while studying I realized that it's not it what I want to do in my life.. as a job. Next spring I will apply for somewhere else. However, I'd like to know what you think. Why you didn't wanted to go study photography? I'm sorry that I'm asking you about photography, but right now it's very important to me. I appreciate your answer. Have a nice day and take care! (And, sorry for my bad english!)

  23. I'm 19 and live in France. I'm afraid of clowns and pigeons but, in general, i love birds. Photography has been a passion for 5 years and i got to admit you're an inspiration.

    You can find me on my blog (but it's written in french) and i have a flickr :

    And i was just wondering : do you love travelling ? If so, where did you go ?

  24. Hej! Jag heter Magda och jag har följt din blogg i lite mer än ett år nu. Jag fotograferar själv väldigt mycket på fritiden både digitalt och med fabulösa engångskameror med rivigt djurmönster och här publicerar jag lite av det:
    Jag följer din blogg för dina vackra bilder och så litelite för att jag upptäckt att vi har ganska många band gemensamt och det är ju alltid skoj. Oj vad långt det här blir. Min fråga då: vad läste du på gymnasiet?

  25. annette from the first time that I found on the web that I am totally fascinated and interested with your work, texts and stories. really are a being admirable and convey a sense too nice, always a pleasure to hear from you, whatever the medium.

  26. I am a photographer & film maker ( ) I just love the world you capture!

  27. love all your photographs. very inspiring. I'm a photographer from canada.
    here's my site

    keep up the good work!

  28. jag älskar din kreativitet och när du fotar analogt. du är som en foto förebild för mig!

    Jag är en glad tjej som är 14 år och konstigt nog längtar efter att fylla 15, jag har inte äns planerat att skaffa moppe.. i alla fall, jag älskar att fotografera. Jag har en nikon d90 som jag fick efter mycket tjat på min 13 års dag. För övrigt har jag medel långt blont hår och blåa ögon. Jag är 164 cm lång (tror jag) och har 39 i skor (alldeles för stort enligt mig). övrigt så är konken min bästa vän. Just det jag heter Emelie också.

  29. Hi Annette. It's really nice of you to ask about your followers <3

    My name is Ana, I'm 14 and from Portugal. I have the dream to be an artist, maybe a photographer or an illustrator. I also want a castle that looks just like Hollow Bastion. Kidding. Or am I? I love watching a good film under blankets, or listening to music in my room and being home alone. I have a blog (walnut dreams) that I don't use much, because I think my life's not that interesting. I am always tired of walking to or from school, but when I get home I realise it's one of the few moments I have to think about life. I'm not very social, I have a small group of friends and a group of "people-I-know", and one of my greatest fears is to hurt them emotionally, because sometimes I say things I don't mean. And I love Fight Club <3

    I am one of your new followers, I added your blog to my google reader one week ago or so, and I'm in love with your pictures!

    As for the questions...
    What are your favourite films/tv series?
    Do you collect anything?
    Do you have any (good or bad) moments of your life that you will never forget?
    and last, why are you so awesome?

    love, ana

  30. Hi Annette,
    I'm Tina from Vietnam. I'm now studying in the US. Here is my flickr:

    Whenever I look at your pictures, I just feel so silent and strange. It's like you are from another different world. So I'd love to know about yourself:
    Where are you from?
    What are you majoring?
    What is your favorite songs, singers, artists?
    What get you to photography?
    What camera do you have?
    What film do you use? ( I'm just so in love with the tone!)

    There are a lot of questions but I'm so curious about you and want to connect your world with my world, if you don't mind.

    Thank you so much!
    Have a good day <3

  31. jag läser din blogg för att den är så himlahimla fin och just på grund av det kan man inte missa den. det är någonting bra i vardagen liksom. fint bara.

  32. I'm hearing this song right now..
    I just cried, but I liked it. Now I feel better. When did you cried the last time?
    Their music fits to your work, I think. You should check them out.
    Thanks for your art.

  33. I've always wondered what a typical day is for you. And, if this isn't too personal, how is it you met Leo? :)

    I live on the west coast of California. I'm fascinated by old traditions and customs and by the idea of living off the land in a cozy wooden house. I make a lot of illustrations and photos and sometimes post them on my blog here - . I like quiet things :)

  34. My name is Matthew and I follow your blog to look at the nice pictures. I'm from Australia, so very far away. I take and make pictures too, some of them are on my blog. Thank-you for sharing your things!

  35. hej. jag heter maja och bor i oslo. jag är 27 år och ska bli arkitekt när jag blir stor (ganska snart). jag längtar hem till sverige.

    jag läser din blogg för att den är en stor inspirationskälla. jag har fotograferat sedan jag fick min första kamera. den var röd av plast och jag var åtta år. du får mig att vilja fotografera mer. experimentera mer. jag har en blogg där jag lägger upp en del bilder, men jag känner mig lite spretig. ibland handlar det om bilderna. ibland om vad som hänt under dagen. ibland om ett tips eller iakttagelse. ibland är texten grejen. osv. men jag kanske inte måste välja. det kanske är det som är jag. spretigheten. kolla gärna förbi.

    hej hej.

  36. jag heter Isabell, är 19 år och hittade dig för länge länge sedan på bilddagboken och har sedan dess kikat och beundrat dina vackra bilder!

    Tycker själv om att fotografera och lite bilder dyker då och då upp på min blogg

    ha det fint och tack för att du delar med dig av dina fina bilder!

  37. Im a new follower and I really love your blog <3


  38. How was the place where you was born and where you grow up? what's the sweetest memory of your childhood? :)

  39. Happy holidays! I'd be so excited if you started following my photography blog. I love your photo's so much, it's ridiculous.

  40. I think your photography is inspiring. Unlike a lot of other self portrait artists yours are all unique and creative in their own ways. The photographs of you and your boyfriend are oh so lovely as well. I wondered what started you to get more into taking photographs and if it is something you want to do as a career.
    Here is a link to some of my work:
    It's always nice to get critiques from an artist you find inspiring.

  41. Currently, what is your favorite movie, band, food, etc?

    I love various art mediums and currently live in the San Francisco area. My husband and I are in the process to move to Seattle over the next couple months. At this moment I'm sitting on the couch with my niece who is watching Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. I love the way things move in claymation :) Oh, and I have 3 cats. They are a wee bit crazy.

    my blog is

  42. Hi Annette,

    I'm a 19-year-old Chinese who is currently living in Los Angeles.

    Here's my website:

    And flickr:

    It would be my honor if you have time to visit!

    I love how quiet your pictures are...they really give me a peaceful, calm feeling...

    as for question.

    Who is/are your biggest inspiration?


  43. I am elated to have found your blog, however long ago or recent it was, I can't recall.

    My name is Kim and I live in Portland, OR, though I'm originally from California.

    I have a husband who's afraid of cameras, so you can understand my fascination (and jealousy!) with you and Leo's photographic relationship :)

  44. Jeg heter Tiril, er 18 år og kommer fra Oslo. Jeg har lest bloggen din lenge fordi jeg elsker stemningen i bildene dine, og synes svensker er litt flinkere enn nordmenn til å lage fotoblogger. Jeg har en stor interesse for kunst og foto og har en drøm om å jobbe med dette resten av livet.

    Spørsmål til deg:
    - Fortell hvordan eller hvorfor du begynte å ta bilder.
    - Hvordan vil du definere stilen din? Hva slags stemning er det du går etter?
    - Dine største inspirasjonskilder.
    - Hva jobber du som?
    - Hvor kjøper du polaroidfilmen din? Dette har jeg lurt på lenge....

    Jeg har både blogg og flickr:

  45. Hi!

    I'm 23 years old from Hungary. This is my blog and my flickr :)

  46. I've been following you for awhile now, and I found you through flickr. Your photos are quietly intimate and I like keeping up with your updates.

    How old are you, and are you a student? I'm curious about what you usually do on a normal day. :]

  47. dina foton är så härliga! drömska och alldeles fantastiska!

    jag hittade dig via en länk, och tänk så glad jag är över det!
    jag är sandra, från en liten småstad mitt i sverige, men flyttade för några månader sen till göteborg för att plugga. jag bor med två av de bästa pojkarna jag vet, en italienare som är en hejare på lasagne och med hett temperament, och en norrlänning som lär mig spela tvspel. jag trasslar alltid in mig i relationer jag knappt visste fanns, dricker alldeles för mycket kaffe, skriver om omöjliga saker och stickar sockor som avkoppling.

    jag har en blogg också, som du gärna får kika på om du känner för det!

  48. Hello annette. I'm a huge fan of your pictures. Especially those with the naked girl in black/white and those with the man who is holding a camera in his hands. You inspire me so much with your thoughtful pictures and i always wonder where YOU take your inspiration.
    Something about me? I love to take photos too, (but you are ways better!!)
    By the way, i try since times to follow you via bloglovin, but i can't find any button. Would you please help me?

    my blog:


  49. Hi Annette,

    I found you through the vintage fashion blog world, I think some of your work is popular in the vintage and style blog community because it has that old world feel to it and you have a cute wardrobe!

    Keep it up, glad to hear you're getting more and more followers.


  50. Hi there,

    I have been following you for a long time now and probably
    one of the things that I feel most attracted to from you
    work is the consistency across your work. You are
    quite faithful to your style and always succeed in achieving
    the same type of mood and organic textures in all your pictures.

    There are many photographers that do self portraits, but
    really few can actually say that they stay away from overexploiting
    their own egos in their pictures; there are others that
    simply try too hard to set up a fake story around them
    losing the point of the original idea.

    I believe in the story behind your pictures, they seem
    to be born from a natural and honest act of contemplation of your own life.


  51. oh hi!

    ..i guess to find out more about me, you could check out my blog, as it is where i document my personal life in photos!

    love your stuff!

  52. when I see your photos there is a mixture of feelings so strong and beautiful, and I think that's what photography really is.
    I love your work, and I can tell you that many of the texts I write and I keep in my moleskine are inspired by your photos, so thank you for your work and please keep it good :3

  53. hej annette!

    i'm ina from germany. although i'm a literature major i'm not that good with words myself. that's why i take pictures instead. i adore your art because it makes me dream of a better world.

    as for questions:

    which part of sweden would you recommend for a road trip? (and where do you always find those mystic/foggy places? they look exactly like where i'd like to go right now, because i feel that i can't find anything like that here.)

    if you were a given a free journey to any place in the world - where would you go?

    oh, and what are the names of your cats?

  54. Jag heter Emma och jag är väldigt förkyld just nu. :(

  55. detta kanske är en klyshig fråga men vad ser du dig själv göra om tio år?
    oooch vilken stad är det du bor i?

  56. Hello,

    I really enjoy your images... I am a photographer living in Paris; I believe our styles have a certain number of similarities... keep it up!


  57. I can see you have a lot of blogs and flickrs to see from now and then. But once you asked and I'm a great entusiastic of your work, I suppose I should write here as so.

    my flickr address is:
    and I have this account since I was 17. My idea was to keep it as my photodiarybut since then lots of things changed in my way to see the world and the photography. Nowadays it's still a photodiary, but I try to improve in the way I show the photos to people. My blog is in Portuguese, so I don't think it's useful to show you and I made it because my routine and my thoughts weren't confortable only inside my head: I needed to put them out of me to thing and live more.

  58. Dearest Annette, you are a very delicate lady and it shows in your pictures. I think you have no ideia of how far you went with this very special point of view. I am from Brazil and I like your work very much (and I'm sure that our photographers here enjoy your work as well!!). Best gregards!Louise Maciel.

  59. Hello.

    I love your photography - so delicate.


  60. Hi! My name is Andreia. I'm portuguese, but I'm living in Brasil at the moment. Thiz is my blog:

    You have a beautiful and inspiring blog. Thank you!

  61. Hello from Malaysia! (do you know this country? haha)
    I just found your blog through my friend recently, and I think I'm in love with your blog!
    Your photos are wonderful and amazing!
    And I just realize you have flickr too!
    I just added you as my contact and I hope you don't mind!

  62. Hi Annette!

    I was so moved by your photos when I discovered them earlier this year. What draws me to them the most is how you turn the mundane into something extraordinary and special. The light in your photos is always enchanting. Your work has inspired me and my own photos. I even bought myself a Zenit camera because of you!

    I am a 25 year old graphic designer from Texas. I only started taking an interest in photography in March, but I feel I've come a long way since then. I love traveling and taking my camera with me. My boyfriend is an artist from New Zealand. Next year, he'll come to live with me and we'll make art together while I'll photograph it. He says he wants to even build me a dark room! Here's my flickr:

    How do you find your inspiration? How much collaboration do you and your boyfriend do? How much does he inspire your photos?

  63. I'm 17 and from northern Finland. I find your photos very beautiful and interesting and mysterious and I feel even a bit jealous sometimes. :> I'm perhaps a bit better at drawing and painting than photographing.

    I have several blogs but this is sort of my favourite of them right now, it's in swedish and I maintain it with my friend
    although we haven't been updating lately.

  64. Sometimes your pictures make my chest fly. Though it is not only that your art makes awful feelings go away, but it also makes the good feelings grow. Some days it can even make up new feelings that make me search for my wings, - I am sure that some day you will be able to make stones fly.

    I am Emilie, called Ems, and I always happen to look up to people who think I am just a 16 year old girl from Norway.

  65. Hi Annette!! I'm Barbara, i'm 24 and i currently live in madrid, spain.
    I studied advertising and now i'm studying and mba which takes a lot of time and that makes me so sad since i can't photograph as much as i'd like...
    I've been following your blog for a while now and i must say i am so in love with your photos, so tender and inspiring. It always amazes me to see such awesome stuff from others... so keep it coming, i am so grateful for you sharing your things :)

    I'd love to know a little bit about you, what do you do, how old are you, what are your plans for the future, which is your favourite type of film, what do you like doing during the weekends... u know those little things :)

    have a lovely day!


  66. Hello!
    I'm pretty new to your blog, but like it a lot. I'm from Sweden and now lives in the capital with my boyfriend that I am engaged to. I am 21 years old and have shot since I was thirteen. Please check out my blog, click on "photo" or look around a bit and take a look at the header. There you will see a little what I have done and what kind of photos I take. Have a wonderful day and continue with your good work! I who's new to say that I like to read more about you. Where do you live? Where are you from? What do you do etc.? hug!

  67. hello! my name is kaitlyn and i recently started following your blog. i live in los angeles and am studying scenic design for theatre and film at ucla. i have a great passion for photography and your work is really inspiring me to get back into it. i use digital and really really miss film. i used to develop my own back in high school.

    i was you develop the photographs yourself? the thought of shooting on film and not developing it myself was enough to make me convert to digital. when i get my next place i think i will set up a darkroom.

    interested to learn more about you!


  68. Haha wow, there's so many comments on here already! I think it is a great post tbh. It's so nice of you to ask us to write about ourselves and that you want to answer some questions about you too.

    I've got you as a friend on facebook so you might know some bits about me from my statuses. Well my name is Ada, I'm 18, from Poland, currently living in england and been interessted in photography for about 3 years now. I have been discovering some good amateur photographers on flickr since last year but you are deffinately my favourite and I dont care how many times I've told you that, I could tell you about it every single day because you deserve to hear it a lot :)

    I also really adore your relationship with Leo, therefore one of the questions I would want to ask you is how are the things between you two? I know you two currently have celebrated your 5th year anniversary. What makes your love so strong? What is it you like/love about him the most?

  69. hi annette! ive been following your blog for awhile and love the light in your photos.... so beautiful.

    i'm a 20 year old student, originally from the bay area in california - i go to college in boston but am currently studying abroad in firenze italy... my major is visual and environmental studies, and i specialize in photography... i love portraits! anyhow, ive been such a restless blogger, i cant seem to keep just one - my photo website is ... i have a tumblr at, and a new photo blog at

    i also produced this show

    would love to know you more!

  70. Hello Annette, my name is Ilie and i'm 16 years old, I really apreciate your works, I need to tell that you are my favorite photographer and your pictures bring to me more feelings of probably my past and surerly the present.

    I am at the beginning with photography, many persons told me that I'm on the good way, but honestly I want to hear your opinion too. This is my photography blog:

    You can look at all pictures you want, but just tell me your opinion. I have been practising this art for one year, so this is my dream to become a good photographer. So, sorry if i have done some mistakes, but I'm not so good with the English. Have a nice day!

  71. hullo, i'm amanda. eighteen years, a disgruntled university student, writer and neglectful photographer. i never have enough time. i have a blog and a website which i will update more, after i get a break from school.

  72. I've been trying to think of what to tell you about me but that's kind of hard. People are so complicated.

    But I'm following, reading every post you post.

    You could always stop by my blog if you'd like to find out who this 'Kate' person is.


    Kate x

  73. Hi Annette, I would love to hear more about your hobbies, how long you've been taking photos, and who are your favorite photographers. I think it would be awesome if you did a get-to-know-you kind of post!

  74. tell me what your favorite breakfast food is. you photograph food so beautifully, you should more often.

  75. i don't know what to say about me. there's nothing special.
    but you can look here
    or here

  76. Beautiful blog and photos!

  77. hej! jag följde dig på bilddagboken för flera år sedan och för några veckor sedan halkade jag in här genom någon blogg och tänkte typ: Åh, ja! det är sådan känsla i dina bilder. min blogg:

  78. hello! i've been following you for a while and i have 2 blogs:

    and this one for my own photography:

    after seeing your haruki murakami post, i'm stuck wondering: what is your all-time favorite book (if you have one)?


    men jag vet inte vad jag ska säga.

  80. hi,

    I'm Marta and I come from Poland. I absolutely love your photographs. I's very hard to talk about pictures for me. I mean, I just like them or I don't, they strike me or they don't. But it's hard to say why. The pictures just are there and speak for themselves. At least they should. And yours obviously do.

    When I first saw them on flickr I thought "wow, this person must be scandinavian." they have this tranquility and simplicity that I see in my mind when I think of Sweden. I love visiting your country! (Got friends there.)I could always say that they are very emotional and egocentric, in a positive way.

    I take pictures too, but I feel they are not nearly as good as yours. however, if you're interested here is my blog:

  81. I only just found your blog today. I am very impressed. Are all the photos taken by you??

    You can check out my blog if you like. Feel free comment haha.


  82. Hi Annette!

    I'm Alexandria. I'm 20. I live in the U.S. I'm a university student studying theatre. I started doing photography as a hobby a year ago. Feel free to check out my blog- You, along with other photographers, have inspired me so much. I'm so happy I found your blog. You are so talented.

    I'm curious about how you got into photography.

    Have a lovely day! <3

  83. I'm 17 and live in France, that's why I speak english not very well.
    So, I follow you since 6 months ago I think and I'm enchanted when I'm here in your blog.

    I would like to know where do you live and what's make you got in photography.

  84. There are times when I have to check your flickr/blogspot daily to not miss any of your photos.

    I am wondering wat role nature plays to you and what role it plays in your photos. I am asking this because I think that Scandinavia exists for an important part of very beautiful nature. It's also the reason I often visit Sweden or Norway.

    I myself study Earth Sciences in Utrecht (Holland). Besides that I used to write poetry. Some of my poems were published. But the last months I just cannot write anything at all. Instead of writing I started to make photos more often. Although photography seems to be a totally different thing than writing poetry, I think that the ideas can be the same.

  85. I really like the calm in your photos, and often the light is just perfect. And I also love the landscape where you take a lot of your outdoor photos, I don't have anything like that here in London. Although I'm originally from the countryside, just outside of London.

    I'm currently studying illustration at Camberwell College of Art and this is my blog

  86. deano sc: all photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise :) the category "others" refers to photographs that were taken by other people, and all those photos includes the name of the photographer and link back to the original source (their website, flickr and so on). thank you!

  87. Hi, I am from Thailand :) I am curious to know how do you keep your polaroid photos? what camera you like using most?

    I like your photos so much, they have everything in it, really inspiring. You are just so talented. You have great perspective I barely see it in any other photographers, your photos are just so attractive and charming. You don't use that crazily expensive lens and camera yet you can produce great photos. It just makes me think that creative thoughts are what matters :)

  88. I'm from Singapore. I found your blog while I was searching for artistic photos shot on Instax Wide. Most of the searches turn out substandard but yours was utterly brilliant.

    Needless to say I'm a convert after that hahahah.

    I study a film-making course, graduated but having second thoughts about working in the film industry cause of the low wages and long hours. Instead, I preferred photography. LOL I wanted to quit film school to go into a photography school but my mother threatened to disown me if i ever did that. So i channelled whatever I've learn in film making into my photography.

    I had a solo photography exhibition just this year before i hit 21. so now i'm hoping i can do it again.

    Feel free to check out my portfolio -

    I post more of my stuff on deviantArt though:

    Hope to hear from you!

  89. Hi sweetie. Oh, you're so brilliant! I adore you and all your art. I wish you listened to my music, they are here: and please, let me know what you thought about them! Keep going. Besosss! CAROU

  90. i've found you in deviantart some years ago, and i've instantly fallen in love with your pictures! i've been following your work ever since :)

    here's my tumblr:

  91. Hi :)

    I've following you for sometimes.. you are one of my favorite photographer, whom I consistently gets inspired from :)

    I am from South Korea, but have been going to Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. for four years now. I'm graduating in May.
    I do take pictures myself,(these days mostly with my phones and my sx-70) but I haven't uploaded much of my photos cuz I am really lazy.. plus, I don't have a scanner. :b I do have a blog of my daily food reports.. ( I also stopped uploading since I have been really sick and couldn't cook for a while.

    and here's a question for you!

    I think somewhere in this blog I read that you are studying psychology! is that your major in college? what made you pick that major? what do you want to do with it/how much do you plan to pursue the study of psychology?

    I'm just asking cuz I'm studying psychology as well.. and was glad to find someone who takes wonderful pictures.. and study psychology. :)

  92. Hi Annette :)
    I love your photography and always take a look at your blog when I have time. I know lot of questions have been asked, I didn't read all the comments so I hope mine wasn't already asked.
    How did you start working with film? I mean, did you shoot film before the "digital boom", or did you start doing digital and then switched to analogic? I love film, I seriously started photography this year with my first dslr(I've been taking picutres long before, but only a few months ago I understood that's what I love doing the most), but now that I know the basics I'm becoming more and more addicted to film, and was wondering how about you :)
    I love so much you polaroids, you made me discover a world I didn't imagine!
    Keep up with the good work :)

  93. Ah, forgot another question: do you develop your films by yourself?
    thanks again :)

  94. great work, pure poetry :))

  95. I like your photos verry mouth, love the light in them. well done :)

  96. my photography isn't as good as yours, but here is my blog:

    and here's my art work:

    i come from canada and i wish i was more like you.


    in your photographs with leo, do you two set up the camera before hand and then "pose", or are all those just natural?

  97. Hello, we are friends/contacts on Flickr.

    My question is, how do you take these photos of yourself & your lover? Also, do you plan them in advance?

    I've started a blog with my husband. We are newlyweds and I'm currently 30wks now :) We'd love for you to check out our blog:

    I also have a personal photoblog:

    Lots of love,

  98. thanks for all the questions, you can find the answers here!

  99. Hello! nice blog!

  100. Hello, li esta página e apreciei tanto,acho que tás a escrever bem!
    Parabéns com o espectacular blogue que tens!