September 26, 2010

two frames of spectra

Polariods from a few days ago. Don't mind Leo's scary-looking hand in the second.


  1. Ja, verkligt fint, vit hand eller inte! Underbart ljus framför allt.

  2. Beautiful as always! I love seeing you and Leo together on the photographs. Also I'm loving the top you're wearing.

  3. Wow, Annette. These are absolutely stunning. There is something magical about that Spectra film, no? Your lighting, as usual, is lovely. Gosh, I hope you do a Polaroid book next.

  4. that second picture is soo cute! :)

  5. love them.
    What are the advantages of a polaroid?

  6. his hand doesn´t lookd scary at all. you two are really like one together and I am fascinated by you. your photos are all great and have a soul.
    by the way your book is an amazing collection of your best work.

  7. the hand isn't scary ;-)
    I love the second picture, it is amazing
    words fail me... my english is bad

  8. really nice..I love polaroid things.

  9. You totally changed my life. You helped me out of the state apaptii, thank you.

  10. tack/thanks people! maybe it's just me who thinks the hand looks strange, probably since I've stared myself blind on the photo :)

    bianca: there really is something special about spectra film, I can't really put my finger on what though. sooner or later I definitely will make a collection of polaroids :)

    ida: tack, och ja, det är film!

    sweetdie: thanks! well, I think polaroid is more genuine, you see the photographs develop right in front of your eyes, and the "look" polaroids have is always really beautiful. it doesn't need any editing, it's perfect from the start. the film is rather expensive though, so that is a huge down-side, but even so it is still worth it.

  11. Annette,
    I am fond of your photos of you and your love.
    I admire the romance portrayed in the simplicity of the composition in general.

    SafeLight Scenes

  12. Så vansinnigt, vansinnigt snyggt.

  13. Älskar verkligen alla foton du lägger upp här!

    En liten fråga som får besvaras i mån av vilja - Var brukar du köpa dina polaroidfilmer? Har en kamera som behöver 600-film, och kikar mest runt med människor som fotar för att se om dom har något tips på bra ställen att köpa från.

    Ha det fint!

  14. tack/thanks anna, susie & klara!

    anonym: tack så mycket! jag köper polaroidfilm från, och ibland från, men deras fraktkostnad är ganska dyr :/