September 13, 2010

deep waters

Linda in her bathroom earlier today. (Polaroid colorpack + fuji fp-3000b)


  1. My favorite part is the hint of a smile in an otherwise eerie and morbid photograph.

  2. These are absolutely (something tells me I say 'absolutely' a lot) perfect in black & white. The somewhat muted tones add a softness & give the photographs a barely-there / washed-out look, which I love. Once again, Linda is a lovely muse.

    By the way, twice I tried sending you some Instax photographs, but
    they never went through. Something about your e-mail address.

  3. tack hilda!

    kim: I like that part as well, it sort of feels a little ironic.

    bianca: thank you! this film was really difficult to work with in low light (which I frankly find a little weird, iso 3000 should be able to pull it off), but I'm glad some turned out ok at least!

    that email-thing sounds strange, I'll look into it!

  4. i like these black and whites with the grainy style.

  5. "can't you see i try, swimming the same deep water as you is hard..."

    (cure - same deep water as you, såklart)