July 8, 2010

wind in the wires

Made a little trip to the sea with my cousin, to shoot a small series for an exhibition. These are some polaroids (Tz Artistic film), and I also went through two rolls of film with the zenit. Hopefully it will turn out as good as it felt whilst shooting.


  1. wonderful pictures

  2. exhibition! :D congratz!
    can't be there, but i'm still excited to see your works!

  3. Looks great! Good luck on the exhibition!

  4. the first reminds me of kristen dunst's (your cousin also looks a bit like her) in marie antoinette...i know comparisons can be inconvenient, but in this case is a compliment, you do capture the moods. It's hard to find unique fotographers nowadays.
    I hope you will keep evolving.

  5. wonderful tones and softness
    Annette, since you mentioned zenit, I been meaning to ask what lense do you usually use with it?

  6. la merne: me too. looking at a stormy sea is really mesmerizing.

    michelle: she really does! I haven't seen that before, but now that I think about it, they do look a little alike. thank you so much!

    maria: thank you! I use a pentacon 29mm/2.8 most of the time. I also have a helios 58mm/2 that I haven't used yet. though I was planning on trying it out for this shoot, but it didn't seem to work properly for some reason. so I thought it might be best not to risk it since the photos were a little more important this time. it is supposed to be one of the best lenses though!

    thank you all so much!