June 1, 2010

sewing machine

Last night I re-sewed a dress I bought a while ago. I haven't used a sewing machine since eight grade or something, so I was fairly certain that I would ruin it at first. In the end it turned out pretty good though. Plus, it was a really long dress, so I had to cut a lot of fabric off, which will be perfect for making a pair of shorts. If I can pull it off.


  1. Nice picture. So calm...

  2. Congratulations on the dress! I'm completely hopeless when it comes to sewing, but I really admire people who are able to.

  3. thanks kumo!

    le mak: I loved our sewing classes in middle school, though I basically only made pillows and bags back then, hah. glad to see I still remember how to do some things at least :)

    aerussell: thank you! I'd say I still have a lot to learn, at least when it comes to clothes :)