May 19, 2010



  1. ÅH! åh! så himla vackert!

  2. Jag skulle vilja tapetsera ett helt rum med dina foton.

  3. i enjoy all of your pictures ♥

  4. so delicate!
    Makes me want to walk barefoot on wet grass and slip between the bed's covers, by the morning.
    And makes me think you're surrounded by a gossamer magic, somehow ^^

    Your photographs are always so involving and mind-calming to me. As if they all had so much feeling into each of them. They're soulful.

  5. you are all too kind, thank you so much!

    carolina: walking barefoot in wet grass and climb in between the sheets in the morning sounds so nice. I should do that. and thank you, I'm so glad you find my photos calming, that's such a nice compliment!

  6. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

    I always love the lighting & the poses in your photographs, but the details -- the wonderful details --blow me away: the veins in the leaves, the freckles in your back, the strands of your hair, the wrinkles in the sheet (or what I think is a sheet [SMILE]).

    Such good work, Annette. The title immediately recalls my years as a Girl Scout.

  7. bianca: thank you! I always try to pay attention to the details, and I'm glad they're noticed :)

    thanks blake!