May 8, 2010

slide film


  1. Cats are such wonderful creatures. It's a shame they are hated & feared by so many people. I love it when you photograph your cats. Often animals are too posed (sleeping or sitting stock-still) for my liking. This image, however, is intimate. The close bond you two share comes through beautifully.

  2. What a great image.
    I don't understand anyone that doesn't like cats, they truly are amazing little creatures and I couldn't imagine life without them.

  3. you can also cross process this kind of film if you want.
    nice photo;)

  4. det är något med ljuset i alla dina bilder. du lyckas alltid få det att kännas så naturligt men samtidigt helt magiskt fint.

  5. stunning ;)
    always love every stiry you show through your photography.


  6. Superb light in this photo. A wonderful portrait.

  7. bianca: cats have such wonderful personalities, even if they can be a bit rude sometimes and ignore you. I was so surprised that this came out sharp, she was constantly moving around. thank you so much!

    nicolina & michela: tack så hemskt mycket!

    psychedelicsister: I couldn't imagine my life without them either, I love my cats more than anything!

    eni: I know, though I really dislike cross processing, it gives way too much contrast and the colours are too crazy for my taste :)

    maybemayest & photodiarist: thank you both!