May 22, 2010

polaroid times four

Some recent polaroids.
1. A car parked by the edge of the forest.
2. Curtains in my grandmother's house.
3. A tiny deer.
4. Portrait of me, by Leo.


  1. These are so lovely :)
    especially the curtains!

  2. gardinen var vacker. ert hus är verkligen ett guldkorn känns det som (om det är därifrån iofs)

  3. fredrik: hihi :)

    sid: thank you!

    mia: gardinen är i min farmors hus :)

  4. I am still so confused as to how you afford all this polaroid film.

    Nonetheless, your work is so simple and amazing, I enjoy it lots :)

  5. leila: thank you! both leo and I pay for the film, and we bought a lot of twin-packs when it wasn't as expensive as it is now. I haven't bought any 600-film during the past 6 months (or possibly more) since the price these days is ridiculous. though I only have three packs of it left now :/

  6. Look at the miniature deer! Miniatures make me smile in general, especially the animals. Schleich makes wonderfully detailed ones, which are often auctioned off or sold on Ebay. The vintage Mercedes looks perfect on Polaroid film, & I really like the portrait Leo took of you, which I assume (I am probably wrong) was taken the same day you two encountered the dog.

    What is it with grandparents & patterns? The linens my grandmother keeps on her beds have such rich patterns, as well. For some reason I never think to capture them.

  7. bianca: I'll have to look for schleich on ebay then :) I don't really like the one with the mercedes, I think it takes up too much space in the picture. but yeah, the car itself works perfectly on polaroid. leo took the picture of me the day before we met the dog, if I remember it right. I guess grandparents lived at that time when everything had a pattern :)

  8. Sjukt fina bilder!
    Jag undrar bara vilka polaroid kameror du använder? Jag har velat köpa en länge men vill ju ha en som jag vet att det finns film att köpa till och så.. :)

  9. concrete: tack! dessa är tagna med en polaroid sx-70, som jag använder 600-film till, och det är väl ganska enkelt att få tag på, men det kostar en hel del nuförtiden :/ annars har jag också en polaroid colorpack som tar packfilm (125i, 669, fuji fp, etc), och fuji's film är ganska lättillgänglig och inte alltför dyr åtminstone :)

  10. micaela. (concreteheart.)16 June, 2010 23:44

    vsg! okej, då vet jag, tack! :)