May 1, 2010

four months in the shade


  1. som alltid tar bileta dine pusten frå meg... vakkert!

  2. Jag har två frågor om blogspot (med tanke på att jag precis skaffat det) som du kanske vill svara på?

    Med risk att låta handikappad så, först och främst, hur skapar jag nya kategorier till mina inlägg?

    Fråga två, hur lägger du in dina bilder i inläggen på bästa sätt. Tycker de blir så smått när jag lägger in mina även om jag väljer "stora bilder". Sen kan man välja att trycka upp dem och visa.
    Jag vill mer ha som du, så att de visas som de visas och inte mer.

    Svara gärna i min blogg :)! Tack på förhand.

  3. carl & kristina: tack!

    roadluna: yes, and the film is tz artistic.

    johanna: lämnar några rader hos dig :)

  4. I can look at this all day, which may or may not be normal. Then again, what is? But I love that the blinds make you look fragmented, in a way. The light & shadows add texture, depth.

    I took a similar photograph, & I do use the word 'similar' lightly. The only subjects were a white wall & white sheets.

    Yours is definitely special, though. I hope you include it in the next book--that is, if you decide to do another book.

  5. bianca: I love light through blinds like this, though it can be slightly hard to work with and it's difficult to be versatile. but almost every time I see this light coming through my window I have to do something :) I would love to see some of your photographs by the way!

    I'm definitely making another book soon! though I don't know if I will include any polaroids in it as I was thinking about focusing on the zenit-b volumes. that camera has kind of become my diary, in a way :)

  6. this is beautiful... what camera do you use...? this is such a soft and subtle image its lovley!!! =)

  7. ula: thank you! for this I used a polaroid sx-70 :)

  8. A Zenit B collection would be wonderful! You produce beautiful pictures with every camera you use, but I have to say the Zenit B has more of a documentary voice, a voice I love & immediately respond to. Am I making sense? It tells stories, you see, without trying to be pretty or deep or ironic. It simply captures & illuminates moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    As for my own pictures? Well, I hope to showcase them soon. I lack self-confidence, an issue I am slowly working through. I do thank you for the encouragement, though. One day.

  9. bianca: I see what you mean, and I couldn't agree more. there's just something about that camera, and for some reason it makes me use it in a different way (compared to the others I use). might be why I love it so much.

    and about your pictures, I understand, self-confidence has always been something I've had to work on as well. but when (or if) you decide to show your work, let me know. I'd be so happy to view it :)