May 26, 2010

a drawing

A girl named Annika made a drawing from one of my pictures! I think this is the first time someone has drawn a picture of me. You can see more of Annikas drawings at her blog!

Something different: I have a new email address that I've been trying to synchronize with my gmail (so that I can reach it from other computers), and it would be so nice if anyone would like to send me a quick message to help me see if it's working properly. It doesn't have to be much, just a "hello", an attached picture of a kitten or anything you want. If you have a minute to spare, please send to:


  1. Sent you a email. Check your inbox!

  2. sent you.. oh, well, I sent you an e-mail, too, haha, the first comment wasn't there when I looked.

    Besides, your post just reminded me of a drawing I made, once, based on one picture of yours... But it's not scanned, though... (I don't have a scanner, ohmy)

  3. Wow that's neat! What a great creative chain reaction!


  4. A wonderful interpretation! I really love the crosshatching. Thank you for sharing both the drawing & the blog.

    Sending an email.

  5. I made a drawing of one your pictures too :)
    It's more like an interpretationyour pictures are very inspiring

  6. unfinishedportraits: oh, that's lovely, thanks for showing it to me! though I think I might have seen it before (and forgot about it I guess), or it's just because I can see that it is me in the pictures :)

    btw, thanks guys for all the emails you sent to my new address, it seems to work as it should!