May 24, 2010


Since I have nothing new to post today I thought I'd show you some images from Leo's latest medium format rolls instead. You can see more at his flickr and blog (though he's not very good at updating it regularly).


  1. I am so glad you posted these! I commented on the last photograph on Leo's blog. So beautiful. Again, you two really see each other.

    PHOTO 1: I love how the tones are reflected in your eyes. Very striking.

    PHOTO 2: Is the blond in your hair bleached? At first I thought it might be a birthmark. That it is reflected in the grass/hay adds a lovely balance to the overall image. Where is this place, by the way?

    PHOTO 3: My favorite in this set. Very, very arresting. You look like you are harboring a secret.

    PHOTO 4: Elegant.

  2. I've seen some of these on Leo's flickr, really beautiful works. My favourite would have to be the second picture!

  3. så fint, så fint! blir heilt matt av beundring! :)

  4. All of the pictures in ur blog is amazing. I have to say i love every single one of them.
    Amazing, will surely come back for more ;)

  5. thanks for your comments! leo sends his love :)

    bianca: my hair isn't bleached, it's just my natural color that's unfortunately showing at the roots :) This place is by the beach where there's a lot of strangely shaped and lonely trees, it's one of the most fantastic places I've seen (here at least). I have to go back soon.

    andwhatelseisthere: I'm glad you found your way over here :)

  6. Oh! Looking at the third photograph, I see it now! Your eyelashes are blond. So pretty. I was wondering what made them look so iridescent. What a beautiful effect.

  7. these photographs are so lovely.