April 28, 2010


A couple of images I've had on my memory card for a few days. Didn't really like either of the two the first time I tried to edit them, but I decided to give it another try today. Still not sure how I feel about them though, but I thought I would post them anyway. (And I'm really tired of making translations from swedish to english in each post, so just english this time!)


  1. hmmmm I love one on the top. MAybe it's because they're digital, but tone and atmosphere of pictures appear to be a lot brighter than your usual style. And your outfit adds the effect to that as well. (btw love that outfit! so pretty.) But I still really really like the one on the top. I think your pose adds more tension to the emotion, and your bf's facial expression is very convincing. I love your works in general. :)

  2. roadluna: I guess digital usually is a lot brighter than film or polaroid :) thank you so much!

    teresadoraphy: thanks! the floating thing is what I like best about the bottom one as well. though I think it's better when viewed smaller, which might seem a little strange, but still :)

  3. I love the first photo! So simple and beautiful! The first time I looked seemed to me that the picture was taken from the top and that you were both lying on the ground... interesting effect!

  4. Annette:

    I meant to tell you before that you strike the most interesting poses! Seriously! I love them.

    Now, the pose in the second frame makes you appear as though you are doing crunches, which might seem strange to some, but to me adds a certain tension to the photograph.

    Each frame is distinctive. I like them both for very different reasons, so it is hard to pick a favorite. Not that you asked.

  5. The first picture is unbelivable beautiful.
    Your photography is really touching, i love it.

  6. Hey gumman! den första är ju hur mysig som helst, tror att den andra skulle vara super snygg i svart vitt!

    Kramar caroline T!

  7. i like the first photo. and i think english its fine for me, you know i speak spanish so, swedish its really strange for me.

  8. artamidae & christin: thank you both, so much!

    bianca: interestingly awkward poses maybe :) I think the camera caught me as I was lying down, and yes, it does look a little like I'm doing crunches. thank you for your thoughts, I'm glad you like them both.

    rebecka: tack :)

    ana sofia: haha, no problem! it's not much of a difference though, I usually translate each post so people from other countries can understand it as well. but I think it looks better with just one paragraph either way :)

    carro: tack fina du, och du kan nog ha rätt om det svartvita, skall testa!

    cristian: glad you like it!

  9. Jätte fina bilder som alltid!

    jag har en fråga, hur lång tid tog det att få filmer från Impossible Project? De som hade Fadetoblack filmen? jag är på jakt efter polaroid film och det verkar vara dem säljer.

  10. Åh va fin din blogg är. Dina fotografier bjuder på så många olika känslor. Tack.

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  12. i like your pose in the second picture.

  13. ninnie: jag kommer inte riktigt ihåg, men jag skulle tro att det tog ungefär en vecka :)

    ariel: tack så hemskt mycket!

    elin: thanks :)

  14. Jag tycker om dessa jättemycket. Så himla fint redigerade, det finns någon typ av lyster i din hud jag gillar. Men samtidigt blir jag orolig, för på den första bilden känns det som att du skall falla. Och att Leo greppar tag om dig. Jättefint!

  15. sofia: tack så jättemycket! och jag faller nog inte, han håller ju fast mig :)

    tanya: thank you!

  16. Oh!
    Your photos is absolutely amazing!!

  17. h: åh, tack :)

    marinka: thank you, and thanks for your other comments as well!