March 19, 2010

polaroid x4

Ett gäng polaroider jag inte visat förut. Annat: någon frågade efter receptet på hallonpajen i förra inlägget, så det finns nu bland kommentarerna till inlägget om någon annan skulle vilja ha!

A bunch of polaroids I haven't shown before. Btw, someone asked about the recipe for the raspberry pie in the last post, so if you want it you can find it among the comments of the post.


  1. Dom var jätte fina! Gillar den sista med katten!

  2. is it a true polaroid camera?
    i dream about one.
    but it turned out that polaroid film is not produced anymore... :(

  3. kate: yes, it is, I use a sx-70! it's too bad that the film has been discontinued, but you can still buy it on ebay and at the impossible shop. hopefully they'll be able to revive the film soon as well!

  4. i've heard that polaroid is going to renew its production this summer. i'll keep an eye on it ;d

  5. yes, I've heard that too, but I'm not sure whether it's true or not. hoping though! :)