February 25, 2010


Kände att jag blev en aning inspirerad av den här bloggen, och bestämde mig för att fota mitt matintag under en dag. Dock blev det bara min frukost (och inte ens hela) som fastnade i kameran. Nåväl. Någon annan dag. Imorgon ska jag sitta hemma och vänta på UPS som kommer med polaroidfilm mellan kl.09-17. UPS är för övrigt något av det sämsta som finns i postsammanhang. Gah.

I felt inspired by this blog, and decided to shoot my food for a day. This was my breakfast this morning (yoghurt, bran flakes, blueberries and raspberries), and it was also the only meal I bothered to shoot. Another day then. Tomorrow I'm sitting at home, waiting for UPS to deliver polaroid film. I hate UPS.


  1. I watched your blog&u got everywhere the same pics.

    Go eat some sandwiches and put some clothes on. Nobodoy wants to see your ugly bones girl!

  2. anonym: same pictures? at least I don't think so. same model in many? sure, but that doesn't necessary make them all the same. if you don't like it, there's a simple solution - don't watch it. there's no reason to be aggressive about it. and, I'm not making anyone view my photographs unless they want to.

    ps. I eat a lot of sandwiches :)

  3. Hej,
    jag gillar verkligen dina bilder!
    Hoppas att det är ok att jag visar några på min blogg och länkar tillbaka till dig?
    XX JL

  4. it's many times that i tired to read what you wrote. but i can't understand it all anyway :)

    so i'd like to say thank you
    that you have translated your words in english !

    perfect for me :D

  5. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS thank you so much for being my all-time inspiration :)

  6. JL: det är helt okej! tack så jättemycket :)

    maybemayest: oh, I'm glad! and you can always use google translate to get a rough idea at those times when I haven't provided a translation myself :)

    jenya: wow, thank you!

  7. You hate UPS, but I love your works. :) So quiet and authentic. Greetings.

  8. Det såg riktigt gött ut med färska bär ! (y)

  9. emma: bären var frysta, men det var riktigt gott ändå! :)